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The Story behind eFit30

My Aim

Make great exercise videos to use 24/7.

eFit30 was developed to provide a convenient, affordable and easily accessible exercise program. It is mobile and is accessible to people of all different skill levels. We provide the tools to help you fit in 30 minutes or more of exercise each day and eliminate the problems and excuses that would stand in the way of you getting fitter!

Our Video’s

I  love making fitness videos, I want to help you shape your body for the better. Hopefully the videos I have made with my trainers will help you do just that! We have Pilates, Yoga, Total Body workouts and more! To view the videos for free go to our YouTube channel.

The trainers that have worked on this project are normal down to earth people who love their fitness and know a thing or two about their chosen fitness fields. Please support them on their websites and Facebook pages as they are volunteers. I hope you like them as much as I do!

We need your help too, so please feed back to us your thoughts questions and comments. If you like what you see please support us by letting your friends know about this site and subscribing to out video channel.

How Pilates changed my life by John

Hi I’m John you won’t see me in these videos,  I am the channel creator, I organise the channel, manage the comments and curate all the content. This is probably the only place you will see anything  about me. So how did I, a male accountant end up making an exercise channel for women I hear you ask? It’s funny how one event in life can lead you to starting something you had never thought about before and then you become passionate about it.

Many years ago I had a motorbike accident on the family farm and crushed a vertebra. After a lengthy period of continued pain I was told to do Pilates by my surgeon.  Just to motivate me into action he also said that I would need to show some improvement in my mobility and pain management or have an operation to have my spin fused. This did motivate me to sheepishly join a Pilates class which over time, with swimming  turned out to be what I needed to save me from needing surgery. I became such an advocate that I offered to film my trainer and friend Angela and this became the first eFit30 Pilates class. We intended to sell the videos but when this failed I posted them on YouTube for free, that was in June 2010. The rest is history.

Lou Tice  said “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!” This phrase resonates with me because I believe that you have to take responsibility for your health and longevity. It’s not ok to let your health and fitness decline. At the very least you are not performing at your best mentally at worst you may be very overweight and this will considerably shorten your lifespan and interfere with your quality of life.

My father taught me this. He was very overweight, went on to develop type II diabetes and died aged 54 in ill health from diabetes related illnesses after a ten year decline in his health. This was a terrible experience for all concerned. In addition he never saw any of his four grandchildren or great grandchildren. In contrast to that my mother is still alive, thirty years later demonstrating how unnecessary that suffering was. Watching my father suffer and inheriting his risk factors has given me the additional commitment to ensure I stay healthy and the motivation to help others to get or stay healthy. 

These are the events in my life with your continued support and kind words that spur me on  each day to continue to create hundreds of fitness videos and  share something valuable with the wider community of efit30. Thank you.

LiveLighter – Partnership

A few years ago we began a partnership with LiveLighter to provide more free resources to you which includes nutritional advice, healthy eating recipes and meal and activity plans.

LiveLighter is a state-wide public education program funded by the Department of Health Western Australia (WA) and being run by the Heart Foundation (WA) and the Cancer Council (WA). LiveLighter aims to encourage WA adults to make changes to what they eat and drink and be more active. The LiveLighter website provides supportive tools, tips, advice and recipes to help people maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

By combining forces with organisations like this we aim to provide as much quality online support as we can find to help you get healthy and stay that way. We can do as much as we can from here but then you need to say to yourself, “If it’s to be it’s up to me”.

Good luck on your fitness journey if you commit to it, you will benefit from it. It takes time and it is a permanent lifestyle change for the better! Please share you success on social media as it encourages others to help themselves.


Enjoy the journey, live the dream!


John Dawson FCPA



YouTube Help

I’m more than happy to answer your questions either on skype or on email.

On Skype I am john.dawson63. I am the channel creator for eFit30 although I don’t appear in the videos. Mostly I promote other people; most of them are local to me however a couple are not.

There are several ways I can help, here are some suggestions for you to consider.

Probably the most effective thing I can do to help you is post some of your videos on our channel and link back to your channel or webpage. As we have 121 k of subscribers this will boost your search ability and you will no doubt win over some of our people. With the trainers I work I normally ask for 4-6 videos preferably that haven not been posted elsewhere. You can put up more videos if you want but this will generally be enough.

Or eFit30 has the ability to include your channel as part of a network so you would join us as a channel and we would share revenue in return for continuous help. Such as checking all your SEO for the videos, answering and filtering comments, promotion on our social media, cross advertising.

If you would like to discuss this further let me know. My time zone is GMT+8 (I am in Perth Western Australia).






Thanks to our long term partners and sponsors;

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Yoga Revelation

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Evolve health

YouTube Traffic (23/March/16)

·        YouTube Member since June 2010

·        Lifetime Channel views are 17.5 M 

·        Minutes watched in the last 30 days, 2.5 million.

·        Average view duration 7:26 mins.
·       238 videos.

119,975 subscribers

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    • I would check with the fitness picloy. And you should definitely go to see your doctor and ask him if you’re developed enough to work out actively using not only your own weight. That can be very dangerous!

  1. Hello from NYC. Thank you so much for sharing your Pilates videos on Youtube. I have a become a big fan of efit30. I am a marathon runner with a very busy work schedule. Your videos have enabled me to do Pilates at home, which is convenient. Not to mention my running feels a lot more supported and stronger. Wondering if there are any Pilates mat workouts specifically for runners?

    Thanks again for the vids. They’re fantastic!

  2. The concept behind efit30 is really inspiring. Having everything at your fingertips from your own home leaves me out of excuses. The professional advice and nutrition plan is fantastic!! Going to give it a try.

  3. Hehehe I am actually folnowilg the fitness plan in the picture above! 🙂 I use the stationary bike too and so far I am liking the routine! So hard to be motivated at times! My goal is 7-10 pounds too and just to tone up and look healthier.

  4. I love your idea. it is very motivating just to click the video, lay down on the carpet at home and to start. 30 minutes is an excellent timerange that fit in every day. thanks for your effort!!