6 Gift Ideas for Health Conscious Friends

flowersContrary to popular belief, buying healthy doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, there’s oodles of options when it comes to health and wellbeing and their just as deliciously exciting – if not more – than those regular gifts. We’ve all got a health nut friend that come birthday or holiday time, is near impossible to buy for. But just because you can’t go your regular chocolate goodies or an expensive bottle of liquor that may meddle with their fitness plan, it doesn’t mean to say there’s nothing good to buy for them.
You want to find something that’s creative and supportive of their lifestyle, whilst still maintaining a high level of appeal too. From gourmet healthy delights and pre-paid passes to their favourite Yoga workout class, here’s a few fantastic gift ideas for your health conscious friends, partner, family member or work colleague.
1. Fitness Class Pass

Maybe your health nut friend has a favourite gym class they just can’t get enough of or perhaps they’re wanting to try a new fitness trend? Whatever it is, you can help them achieve their fitness dreams quicker by purchasing a pre-paid pass to a workout class.
Buying a fitness pass tends to suit a better variety of health conscious friends that an actual gym membership, because it allows them to step outside their boundaries and try something new. If you want to play it safe, choose a new class for them to try at their local gym, or be a little adventurous (for your close friend and family) and allow them to try a new workout studio that may be able to offer them something a little different.
2. Organic Hamper

Hampers aren’t always just filled with sugary sweetness that’ll make you feel bloated afterwards, there’s a great range of organic hampers out there with delicious, healthier versions of all the goodies we love. Whether you’re after some health snacks to boost their energy levels before their next workout, or some health nut options for the ‘naughty’ treats like wine, beer and chocolate that will still appeal to them; there’s an organic hamper to suit all options and tastes.
Perfect for tea enthusiasts, your health conscious friend that still enjoys the cheeky bottle of (organic) red, or for healthy cooking fans that need a little inspiration in the kitchen.
3. Flavours with Benefits

Most health nuts are big on home cooking and growing their own vegetables and herbs. Not only is a huge money saver, but it allows them to have better control over what they’re actually putting into their bodies. If your health nut friend is one of these, offer them a gift that keeps giving and a whole lot of flavour for those stay-in cooking nights.
Wall herb gardens not only look lush and fantastic, but they will offer your health conscious friend flourishing leafy food toppers all year round. It’ll give them access to the healthiest of vegies and cooking herbs all a step and a snip away from their kitchen.

wallwall 2

4. At-Home Gym Equipment

If going to the local gym isn’t your friend’s thing, they probably have a few bits and pieces set up at home. Especially in the colder months, going to the gym can be a big struggle for even the most health conscious so make sure they are still doing what they love and contribute a few home gym essentials.
Whether it’s something as simple as a workout DVD they can use in the comfort of their home, a new flashier yoga mat or get them looking the part with new workout gear, accessories or weights. Giving indoor winter workout gear is perfect because you know it’ll get used all year round.
5. Fitness and Health Trackers

You can’t have a good workout or fitness plan without tracking progress, so help your health enthusiast buddy by purchasing the latest fitness watch or band. You can opt for something basic that records their movement in steps and kilometres – the Fitbit is great for this, or you can really tech it up with wearable devices that act as a heart rate monitor and show how many calories are being burnt throughout a workout.
Depending on your budget range and your health nut’s fitness goals, there’s a lot on offer when it comes to fitness and health trackers. And it doesn’t always have to be wearable either, but they tend to be the most practical and come in a range of colours and styles to suit everyone’s style.
6. Spa Gift Certificate

A little RnR time is the perfect way to boost your mood, health and wellbeing – without having to step into the gym. Perfect for the health conscious friend that is needing a little ‘me’ time, a trip to the day spa can really force even the busiest to stop and relax.
From facials to soothing massages to simply soaking in the spa for a few hours, a spa gift certificate makes for a great gift. And it’s not always something people will go and buy themselves, so it’s nice goodie to receive. Find a local day spa near your friend’s location they can try out and let them indulge for an afternoon.
Author Bio
This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, an online blogger and copywriter who recommends the organic gift hampers at Boxt.com.au for the perfect gift idea for that health conscious friend. Boxt are a leading online provider of hampers and other gift ideas and do delivery throughout Australia.

Before you pop that weight loss pill….. read this….

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach Sarah Hopkins

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach Sarah Hopkins

Nutrition has to be one of the most complex subjects on the planet. While I believe a healthy eating plan is relatively simple, there is such a huge amount of noise in the public domain that can lead us to constantly question what the right approach actually is.

So many ‘experts’ telling you to eat less of this, more of that and pop a pill for just about any condition or reason you can imagine.

While there is a lot of great information out there, the vast amount of information means many of us are overwhelmed at knowing which direction to turn. Further, the ‘one size fits all’ approach to nutrition no doubt stems from good intentions, however creates polarization between the nutritional camps. I find many are not willing to budge on their philosophies or accept that perhaps, just maybe, each individual is ‘different’.

For people who have been struggling to find an approach that works for them, the services of a wellness mentor may be a prudent investment. Perth based Sarah Hopkins is a Holistic Health Coach dedicated to mentoring clients in their journey to adopt a simple, holistic and sustainable diet and exercise regime.

Sarah makes it her mission to simplify the health and wellness journey for her clients as much as possible. Clients come to Sarah with a range of health issues from weight loss to digestive issues and insomnia (and countless others). Sarah spends time tailoring her programs to ensure any individual health issues, personality traits and lifestyle factors are addressed.  

Sarah was kind enough to give us some insightful answers into all things wellness….

Tell me how you help your clients as a holistic health coach

As a health coach, people come to see me to help them achieve their specific health goal.  It could be related to weight loss, fitness or a particular health issue that is compromising the quality of their life. Most clients come to me with a sense that something is not quite right but do not know where to start. They have a wealth of information at their fingertips but don’t know who to believe and what the right path for them is. As a holistic health coach it is my role to empower them to take action on their health as well as support them through the changes that will be most powerful for their specific needs.

What do you believe are the most prevalent health problems in an affluent Western lifestyle today?  

Obviously the quality of our food has diminished significantly and every client I see has some digestive distress. This has a significant impact on our health and is a major contributor to most of the modern diseases in my opinion.

The other thing that I think is absolutely catastrophic for our wellbeing is our exposure to light. Thanks to modern technology, we are now exposed to way more light per 24 hour period. Light from electronic devices suppress essential hormone processes and also contribute to many of the most common health conditions.

What sort of conditions and health problems do you deal with on a regular basis?

Weight loss is probably the primary driver for many clients who come to see me however often there is a health condition underlying the weight gain that, once resolved, makes shedding kilos much easier. I see a lot of people with digestive issues and adrenal exhaustion and I believe these are related. Similarly, I see many people with autoimmune conditions which have a strong connection back to healthy gut function.

There is a lot of dietary advice, diet pushers, confusion and general ‘noise’ out there which makes it very confusing for people wishing to improve their health.  Do you believe there is a simple formula for our readers to follow?  How can they change their health (through diet and nutrition) while avoiding the latest fad diet?

I honestly believe that health, vitality and wellness is achievable for everybody and that it is much simpler than most people believe. Eating real food, drinking clean water and ensuring you sleep well are the basics for long term health.

What training have you undertaken to get where you are today?

I studied through the C.H.E.K Institute and was fortunate enough to study under the founder Paul Chek for my more advanced certifications. As certified advanced C.H.E.K trained professionals, we must be able to exhibit both a theoretical and practical understanding of how to apply the sophisticated assessment, program design and coaching systems that Paul Chek himself uses. We are taught to identify and address the root causes holding people back from maximum vitality and effectiveness, whether this involves the musculoskeletal, hormonal, organ, digestive or any other system of the body. I am also a Master Trainer (Cert 111 & 1V) as well as Reiki Level 1.

What sort of exercise do you do and/or recommend?

I like to take a balanced approach to exercise (after many years of punishing “cardio”). I like functional strength training and think that this is important for musculoskeletal and metabolic health as we age. I love walking and also incorporate some high intensity interval training in every week. What I recommend to clients really depends on their individual needs but I believe that everybody needs to move their body on a daily basis.

People are always on the run and busy.  How do we eat healthy when there is no time to cook?

I don’t really buy the whole “there is no time to cook” statement.  We all have the same amount of time in the day, it is just a matter of what we prioritise into that day. Our health determines the outcome of every other thing that is important so it must be a priority. You cannot achieve any other goal if you are bed ridden or suffering with an illness. Having said that, being healthy does not have to be a time consuming affair. When I work with my clients, I show them how to make healthier choices when eating out or how to prepare fast and healthy meals.

Do you find Perth an inspiring place for fitness and wellness?

If you had asked me this 18 months ago when I was starting out as a health coach I would have said no but in the last 6-12 months the level of interest in health and wellness has increased exponentially. There is a really great community of health and fitness professionals and I’m lucky enough to call some of the best ones close friends.  I’m so grateful for their regular support and inspiration.

Who are the most influential guru’s in your life?

Obviously Paul Chek has been instrumental in my journey as a Holistic Health Coach and I love everything about the C.H.E.K curriculum. Chris Kresser is my go-to for quality resources so I really love his content. Locally my dear friend Carmela Lacey continues to support and inspire me on my journey and most importantly all of my amazing clients who achieve such incredible personal results on a daily basis.

Finally, Burn & Learn‘s themes are food, fitness and fulfillment.  Please give our readers your hottest tips under each of these themes.

Food – eat real whole food, avoiding packaged foods most of the time and focusing on grass fed protein and green leafy vegetables will greatly improve overall health.

Fitness – listen to your body, do what feels natural, have fun and if you can, do it outside.

Fulfillment – write down every day 3 things that you are grateful for right now.  No matter how small or silly. Think about what you love to do and aim to incorporate more of that into your life.

If you are looking for a partner to help you in your wellness journey, contact Sarah Hopkins at www.health-wellbeing.com.au.

By signing up to Sarah’s blog, you will get a copy of her ‘Healthy Eating Plan‘, a quick and useful guide on navigating meal choices throughout the day.


Healthy Gluten Free Banana Bread

Healthy Delicious Banana Bread

Healthy and delicious banana bread

This banana bread is so delightfully moist and sweet, you’ll feel like you are eating something naughty.  In actual fact, it’s clean enough to eat for breakfast, or any other time of the day for that matter.  Rich in healthy fats, protein and carbs, this delicious treat would make the perfect post workout snack.


4 very ripe bananas

1/3 cup of coconut oil or organic grass fed butter

4 organic eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract or vanilla powder

1.5 tsp cinnamon

1/2 cup coconut flour

1 tsp (heaped) baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

You can also add in some cacao nibs, walnuts or goji berries for extra texture.


Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Mix everything together in a bowl until combined. Pour into a lightly greased bread pan and bake for about 45 mins or until centre is set and top is golden.

6 Week Boot Camp – train like a Champion!


This is your free step by step program to lose six kilos in six weeks! Your new you starts HERE!

To help you on the journey we have put together;

  1.  A full six week diet plan from Jo Beer at Revitalise.
  2. Download your food diary.
  3. Weekly video coaching instructions from our dietician & diabetes educator Jo Beer and boot camp coach Justine.
  4. Step by step 30 minute exercise routines, one per day and suggested active rest Yoga routines for the days when you need a break.
  5. See more at Revitalise and Babes on the run, the people who donated their time for free to make this happen.

Let’s start, week 1 exercise routine.

Week 1

Coaching video 1 is here! These are just some tips from real people that train mums and have advised allot of people what you need to do to stay in a health weight range for the long haul.

Here are the workout videos;

  1. Day 1, 6 Week Boot Camp Cardio Full Body Workout
  2. Day 2, Interval Training Workout
  3. Day 3, Total Body Workout Beginner

  4. Day 4, Pilates Essentials

  5. Day 5, Interval Training Workout Part 2
  6. Day 6, Tone up with Yoga routine
  7.  Day 7, 6 Week Boot Camp Cardio Full Body Workout

Week 2

Check-in coaching video 2 is here! Use this to stay motivated and on track! Yes it is hard, but it is supposed to be right? Now keep going!!!! Enjoy feeling better.

  1. Day 8, 6 Week Boot Camp Core Full Body Workout
  2. Day 9,6 Week Boot Camp Cardio Full Body Workout
  3. Day 10,Interval Training Workout

  4. Day 11, Pilates Essentials
  5. Day 12, Interval Training Workout Part 2
  6. Day 13, Hatha Yoga routine with Holly
  7. Day 14, 6 Week Boot Camp Cardio Full Body Workout

Week 3

Check-in coaching video 3 is here! Some more of what to expect and some tips and tricks to stay motivated and on track!

  1. Day 15, 6 Week Boot Camp Cardio Interval Full Body Workout
  2. Day 16,6 Week Boot Camp Cardio Full Body Workout
  3. Day 17,6 Week Boot Camp Core Full Body Workout
  4. Day 18, Pilates Flat Abbs
  5. Day 19, Interval Training Workout Part 2
  6. Day 20, Yoga routine with Valerie
  7. Day 21, 6 Week Boot Camp Cardio Full Body Workout

Week 4

Check-in coaching video 4 is here! OMG passed half way! I’m sooo excited! Watch the coaching video get advice about fatigue, sleeping right and new mum advice!

You can substitute in a shorter Yoga routine for active rest and we have posted several routines to do just that!

  1. Day 22, 6 Week Boot Camp Cardio Interval week 4 Full Body Workout
  2. Day 23,6 Week Boot Camp Core Full Body Workout
  3. Day 24,6 Week Boot Camp Core Full Body Workout
  4. Day 25, Pilates Essentials with Angela
  5. Day 26, 6 Week Boot Camp Cardio Full Body Workout
  6. Day 27, Full total body workout
  7. Day 28, 30 minute Yoga routine

Week 5

Check-in coaching video 5 is here!  Are you still with us? WOW what could possibly go wrong?

Don’t forget you can substitute any of our Valerie’s shorter Yoga routines for active rest and she has posted several routines for you to do!

  1. Day 29, Six Week boot camp workout, week 5 workout, with Justine
  2. Day 30, Interval Training Workout Part 2
  3. Day 31, Interval Training Workout

  4. Day 32, Pilates Essentials with Angela
  5. Day 33, 6 Week Boot Camp Cardio Full Body Workout
  6. Day 34, Full total body workout
  7. Day 35, 30 minutes of Yoga with Valerie

Week 6

Check-in guidance for  week 6 is here! 

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”; Walt Disney, ok so that’s not totally relevant but an incredible quote from an amazing entrepreneur that did some pretty amazing stuff; keep moving forward!

  1. Day 36, Six Week boot camp workout, week 6 workout, with Justine and Vanessa.
  2. Day 37, Interval Training Workout

  3. Day 38, 6 Week Boot Camp Core Full Body Workout
  4. Day 39, Pilates Essentials with Angela
  5. Day 40, Interval Training Workout Part 2
  6. Day 41, 6 Week Boot Camp Cardio Interval workout
  7. Day 42, 30 minutes of Yoga with Valerie

Substitute this  active rest Yoga routine if you don’t feel like doing a full 30 minute routine.

Don’t stop here! now you are in the swing of things keep working out using our routines!  This is a change for life not a fad, “lock in the new you”.

Additional Resources below….

There are more free recipes here from Jo.

We recommend MyFitnessPal Mobile Apps tools you need to successfully take weight off – and keep it off. And best of all, everything on the site is 100% FREE.

Check your BMI with this Body Mass Index Calculator. BMI is a ratio between weight and height. It is a mathematical formula that correlates with body fat, used to tell if you are at an unhealthy weight (given a certain height). BMI value is more useful for predicting health risks than the weight alone (for ages 18 and over).

Calories burned??

Use a calorie calculator like this one or google another one. You will need to know stuff like your height, weight, age type of exercise, the length of time you did it. We would have included a calorie burn estimate for every video but as you can see there are a number of variable that would make our estimates inaccurate.

Tip: you may want to try using this portion plate from the Revitalise website.

Best of all it’s free so you can’t afford not to do this starting right now!

Top 10 Ways To Slash Calories Quickly

If you’re aiming to lose fat rapidly, one thing that you must pay attention to is your calorie intake. Your calorie intake does dictate whether you gain or lose body fat, so it’s vital that you get it set up correctly.

This said, cutting calories doesn’t mean going on some starvation diet. Let’s look at a few simple and easy methods to slash calories painlessly so that you can enhance your progress.  Be sure to check out LiveLighter for more help formulating a proper diet plan.

Swap Milk For Cream In Your Coffee

Cream is far too high in fat and calories to be a part of your regular diet – go for milk in your coffee instead.

Opt For Ground Turkey Rather Than Ground Beef

Ground turkey is a very lean protein source and can be used in all the same ways that ground beef can be utilized.  Make meatballs with it today.

Go With Egg Whites Rather Than A Bagel

Egg whites are a great source of protein and will get your day started off right – and help you avoid that mid-morning crash that you’d have if you had eaten a bagel.

Choose Sweet Potatoes Over Pasta

Sweet potatoes are far higher in good nutrition and vitamins compared to pasta and won’t encourage fat gain.  Serve them with some salsa on the side.

Go For Fresh Fruit Rather Than Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is rich in sugar and calories and lacks the dietary fiber that real fruit provides.

Choose Fish Over Beef

Fish is a lower calorie, high protein option when aiming to lose weight. Choose it over beef more regularly.

Eat Oatmeal Rather Than Cold Cereal

Oatmeal is a slow burning carbohydrate that’s low in calories and full of fiber. Opt for it rather than cold cereal more often.

Opt For Squash Over Potatoes

Squash is a lower calorie option to regular potatoes, which are ranked high on the GI index. Opt for squash more often to slash calories quickly.

Choose Green Tea Over Gourmet Coffee

Green tea is full of antioxidants and will even boost your metabolic rate to a small degree as well. Gourmet coffee, on the other hand is loaded with calories and not a superior choice.

Choose Greek Yogurt Over Mayonnaise

If you need to use mayonnaise in any of your recipes, try going for Greek yogurt instead. it’s rich in protein, low in sugar, and a far more ideal option.

Use all of these swaps and you’ll be eaten leaner in no time.

…now try these workouts from eFit30

How Calories Correlated With Weight Loss

If you’re looking to lose weight and starting up workouts at a pilates studio or in a local gym, you’ll want to start coming to terms with how many calories you’re eating on a day to day basis.

Calories do play a significant role in the weight loss process and if you aren’t consuming the right amount, you won’t be seeing the results that you’re after.

Let’s have a look at how calories factor into the equation so that you can make sure that your intake is set up properly for success.

Calories In Versus Calories Out

The first thing to note is that for weight loss to occur, you’re essentially looking for a calories in versus calories out set-up. Basically, to lose body fat, you need to burn more calories than you consume.  It’s really that simple.

If you provide more energy to your body than it needs, it clearly is not going to be needing to turn to body fat stores any time soon for energy – it has enough from the foods you’re eating.

If you consume fewer calories however, your body does have to seek alternative fuel and the fuel it’ll find is your body fat stores (provided you are eating healthy food choices, of course).

The Danger Of Too Few Calories

Now, don’t let this lead you to think that if low calorie is good, very low must be better. There are limits with this that you need to make note of.

If you start taking in too few calories, you will see your metabolism start to slow down as your body is going to protect itself from a famine situation setting in.

Basically, it’s going to try to keep you alive by burning up as little energy as possible throughout the day. The end result?

Your weight loss comes to a crawl.

Clearly this is not going to be an ideal situation, which is why using a very low calorie intake is never a wise move.

While you may be able to get away with it for a day or two, after that, you need to use a more moderate calorie level.

So there you have the key points to know about how your calorie intake relates to the weight loss results that you see. If you choose your calorie level properly, you can move forward and get the weight loss results you desire.

5 Handy Tips to Have a Fit Vacation

Hi, my name is Jacquilyn, I am the food-loving fitness enthusiast behind Jacquilyn in the Kitchen. Chances are at any given point in the day, I am either eating, thinking about eating or reading a cookbook. And you can imagine that so much time dedicated to food must be balanced by exercise. When I discovered eFit 30 I was so happy to have found a great resource for workout videos that kept me engaged. I particularly love the Pilates video series and have been an avid follower ever since.

I am currently living in Tuscany as a culinary assistant for a bed and breakfast that does cooking classes (i.e. my dream job). When I was planning my trip, I wanted to be smart about maintaining balance and still actively trying to be healthy. I created a workout schedule for myself that includes the eFit 30 workouts because they are so valuable and accessible. I am three weeks into my trip and I have learned a lot so far about being fit on vacation.

Lessons learned:

1.Plan ahead: it is way TOO easy to slip into vacation mode and mentality of “I will get to that later”. Well my friends, if you are on an extended stay like myself (6 weeks), that mentality can wreak havoc on your body and everything you work so hard for. So, plan ahead and know that your trip will include indulgences, but make sure you have plenty of opportunity to move around as well.

2.Compromise: when travelling with others, I have realized I can’t be so selfish and get my way all the time. I might have an idea in my head of the perfect workout for me, but if someone wants to workout with me, then I should be happy for the company and happy that I am still getting exercise.

3.Don’t make excuses: I don’t have the luxury of familiarity or creating my own schedule, but I CAN work with anything I am given and make time for my workouts whether it is early morning or late evening.

4.Be adaptable: I am trying to be creative with my workouts and use my surroundings. I wasn’t able to bring any equipment with me and I am not getting a gym membership, so I am using workout videos without equipment and the great outdoors to inspire me!

5.Enjoy your vacation: vacation absolutely should feel different from your every day life. You might get it once a year if you are lucky, so ENJOY it.

Jacquilyn in the Kitchen

 Jacquilyn in the Kitchen


Top 5 Ways To Boost Your Metabolic Rate

Want to boost your metabolic rate so that you can see faster fat loss success? If so, you need to start doing a few key things throughout the day that will help you burn more calories 24/7.

Those who do have a faster metabolic rate will see an enhanced level of fat loss results because of the fact it’s that much easier for them to create the calorie deficit they’re going for.

Let’s look at some of the best methods to boost your calorie burn out there.

Sip Green Tea

First, consider drinking at least two cups of green tea daily. Green tea contains certain compounds that will help to stimulate your metabolic rate and get you burning up body fat at a faster pace.

The slight caffeine content of green tea as well will help to boost your metabolism up even higher yet and help to energize your body.

Get More Sleep

Next, also consider getting more sleep. Those who are deprived of sleep tend to feel sluggish and tired all day long and also have a slower metabolism as well.

Furthermore, lack of sleep can also cause food cravings to set in, so yet another reason you should be getting enough.

Use Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a fast and easy way to boost your metabolism as this spice will increase the amount of energy you burn off a heat in the hours following consumption.

If you prefer not to use cayenne pepper, adding chili peppers would work equally well.

Interval Train

Interval training is a must-do as part of your workout program if you want to see good results. After an intense interval training session, your body will burn up to a few hundred more calories over the course of the next 24 hours.

This significantly helps enhance your overall fat loss results.

Build Muscle

Finally, don’t overlook the power of adding lean muscle mass to your frame. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories you’ll burn at rest, so the easier fat loss will be.

Focus on strength training workouts or pilates classes to help make this happen.

So there you have the main ways to boost your metabolic rate so that you can go on to see the fat loss results you desire.

Do these exercises and you won’t be disappointed.


LiveLighter Fights the Battle Against Sugary Drinks

LiveLighter is a public education campaign that aims to encourage adults to lead healthier lifestyles, to make changes to what they eat and drink, and to be more active. LiveLighter’s website allows readers to discover a wealth of information, tips, healthy recipes and practical interactive tools which are all designed to help you live a healthier life. One of their main focuses is to inform people about the dangers of sugary drinks in hopes of decreasing the consumption of them.

Sugary drinks range from sugar-sweetened soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks and fruit juices. Are you aware of how much sugar is present in these drinks and how dangerous sugar is to your health? The amount of sugar in a couple of twelve-ounce sodas might be enough to increase disease susceptibility. That’s according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in which researchers found that people’s white blood cell counts were reduced for up to five hours after they ate one hundred grams of sugar.

Rising consumption of sugary drinks has been a major contributor to the obesity epidemic. A typical 20-ounce soda contains 15 to 18 teaspoons of sugar and upwards of 240 calories. A 64-ounce fountain cola drink could have up to 700 calories. Another major problem is that people who drink a lot of sugary drinks do not feel as full as if they had eaten the same calories from solid food and do not compensate by eating less.

Here are some alarming facts about sugary drinks:

  • There are about 16 teaspoons of sugar in a 600ml soft drink bottleLiveLighter-Sugarydrinksinfographic-RGB
  • There are about 9 teaspoons of sugar in a 600ml sports drink
  • There are about 7 teaspoons of sugar in a 250 ml energy drink
  • It has been estimated that consuming one soft drink per day could lead to a weight gain of 6.5kg per year
  • Drinking a sugary drink each day will significantly increase your risk of tooth decay or erosion



Sugary drinks increase the risk of:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Stroke
  • Gout

Check out the Sugary drinks calculator here.

and more FAQ’s here.





The eFit30 update.

Last Friday was the launch of the LiveLighter sugary drinks campaign, where the spotlight is being turned on the consumption of sugary drinks, which is associated with increased sugar and energy intake and in turn, weight gain, obesity and chronic diseases. http://www.livelighter.com.au/the-facts/sugary_drinks.aspx  We will be writing a blog on this next week and give you our take on this hot topic.

For something completely different this week we will be filming “Trevor Aung Than” at Circus conditioning! http://circusconditioning.com/?page_id=22 Trevor says “To be clear, I do not actually teach circus-skills but am able to help with problems you may be having because of your acro/gymnastic trainings.” In short he will be showing Lara Dwyer from Sukha Yoga, some moves to help Yoga Practice and hopefully you too. Lara may also show us some new Yoga routines.

You may have noticed the new Prenatal Yoga series from Holly Ginn-Thompson, this is part of a four part series that adds to our existing mother baby series from Babes on the run. These are very gentle exercises and help get you ready for baby. Let’s face it if this is your first this may also be the last time you get to yourself! (Dang did I say that out loud, well to be fair I have 4!)

We have also added to the Pilates routines from Elizabeth Wilson and now have the full range of routines from beginners to expert; this series is a solid set of exercises and uses all the mat pilates routines you expect and love! Liz explains and demonstrates them perfectly, this may be why she is a pilates examiner!

Back on the website we have had two blogs a week for the past couple of weeks inspired by your questions on our YouTube Channel, so hopefully we may eventually answer one of your questions in detail in the coming weeks! If not email it and we will try to answer it for you.

Have a great week and stay fit!