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These exercise routines are designed for you to do with little or no equipment anytime anywhere. If you can’t make it to the gym, don’t have a gym or are away from home then these exercises are for you. If you haven’t been exercising before and want to start there are beginners routines for you to start and go at your own pace. Change your life for the better, exercise for 30 minutes 2-3 times a week and be a better you!

We have put together some lists of videos below so you can view them together in their genra or follow this link to our channel page to see them all.

Below are some of our popular play lists of click here to see the full range of playlists on YouTube.


34 videos for Pilates here

This series of videos has varying degrees of difficulty from beginner to advanced, focusing on different parts of the body form hips and thighs, abs to upper body. There is the right set of videos here for you!










Yoga playlist here 21 Yoga videos for you to do at home! Several different styles of yoga are represented here. There are different levels of difficulty, specialist routines from meditative and reflective to high pace flow. There are several different trainers and something will be perfect for you here.


Yoga Flow - Full 45 minutes - Advanced







 Boot Camp

 6 week boot camp here!

There are 14 videos in a 6 week boot camp that can be used as a structured exercise routine a mix of exercises and a guided program on the menu above.

live lighter 3







 Total Body Workout

By popular demand, the Tony and Fiona video’s in a series of Total Body Workouts a total of 21 videos designed to work your whole body here!










High Intensity Circuit Training (plus free app)

7 Minute fitness High Intensity Circuit Training, HICT

This series of back to basics exercise videos that will help you build a circuit that you can do at home with only a pair of hand weights.

You can make your own routine or download the 7 Minute fitness app free here;  bit.ly/1fpgwjh 


Wide Oush ups







 Super Sets

15 min Superset Workouts there are 8 videos in this set.

Workout for 15, 30, 45 or 60 mins, with these superset workouts. Working on various parts of your body with different styles of workout! We also have 15 minute Pilates workouts to use all these are in a playlist here.




Jess Full body 5 thumbnail








 Increase your flexibility – Physiotherapist tips

This is a series of 8 videos here. These techniques are releasing the fascia, or connective tissue, in common areas where we become bound or glued.  By Trevor Aung Than B.Sc (Physio).  Learn more at www.circusconditioning.com. Trevor from Circus Conditioning teaches educational workshops and functional fitness classes utilizing unconventional methods to efficiently train the body.  His methods encourage the body to be more mobile and resilient incorporating authentic movement, mobility training and fascial training techniques”

Better flexibility







 Legs and Thighs

Because this is a requested area of focus we have hand picked a set of 8 videos here that works on just at legs and thighs!










Upper body workouts

7 videos that focus on your upper body here!

abs workout







Express cycle class

Go Hard or go home! Get coached into cycle action here by Tanaya and Jess with their own special versions of a spin class on a stationery bike! 3 videos here!


cycle class







eFit30 on YouTube

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Yoga Revelation Valerie Goodman

The Perth Pilates Studio Liz Wilson



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