Work with us as a Trainer

Are you a qualified personal trainer?

Then you can join our team of trainers on eFit30 and use video as your on-line resume to attract clients to your PT business or use our existing dedicated followers to kick start your own social media network!

We have spent years putting together this network so you don’t have to! Here is your opportunity to hit the ground running and just do what you do best!

8 things we provide…

  1. Instant high search results within the week your video goes out to 121,000 subscribers.
  2. Professional video production. (Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Cost $550 per video session inc GST) or supply your own video however they must meet our standards for audio and video production.
  3. One on one coaching on how to make your videos via Skype while you work with us.
  4. Link to your website or channel from within the video.
  5. Ongoing promotion (evergreen content) from your video as people return over and over to share the content. We have three trainers with over a million views and many more about to cross that number.
  6. Promotion on YouTube, RokuTv and iTunes (on request only for iTunes).
  7. You will be able to also post your video on your own website, via a embedded player or link.
  8. We do the SEO optimisation, and social media management of the videos.

All this for less than the cost of a photo shoot!*

Use our contact us page to reach out.


You can also work within the eFit30 channel network and we can work with you to promote your own channel or boost it’s results.

What our trainers have said;

“After working with eFit30 I never had to produce a resume again to get a job taking group classes. I was instantly recognizable and they just asked, when can I start?”

“I Googled my name before and after the videos were posted and I went from being “not found” to the top of page one!”

If you would like to know more contact John Dawson at (Perth) or Sandra Connors (Brisbane).

We will need proof of  your appropriate personal trainer credentials.

*Cost per video is $550 (Inc GST) for a 30 minute video which includes filming and post production, minimum of two videos.

 Caity from Dynamic Pilates WA has almost a million views on her Pilates Playlist this video achieved 12 thousand views in the first 48 days.