Bootcamp Program

Slash Excess Pounds With This Six Week Bootcamp Program

Tired of struggling with your body weight? Ready to step up your fat loss results and see a higher level of success?

If so, you need our FREE six pack boot camp diet program. and the Preparation Kit throughout this program, we are going to walk you through everything that you need to be doing to see an optimal level of success.

If you follow this plan as it’s laid out for you, I promise you are going to love the results you see. You’ll feel energized, you’ll see enhanced muscle definition, and more importantly, you will become a new, more fit you.

So let’s get started and walk you through the six week process.

Before You Start

Before you start going on the plan, it’s important that you get yourself maximally prepared. This will help ensure that you are doing everything correctly as you should so that you’ll move forward correctly.

First, I want you to download both your six week food plan from Jo Beer at Revitalize. This has been created to help you optimally burn fat, while fueling your body with all the correct nutrients it needs.

With that, also take the time to download your entire food diary. Track each and everything that you’re eating here so that you can get the complete picture of what you’re taking in.

Once you have your diet protocol set-up, you’re ready to dive into the exercise schedule that follows.

Remember to check out Revitalise as well as Babes On The Run for more information about the people who created this program and what you can do to see success.

Now let’s move forward and show you your plan.


Week 1

To get this week kick-started off correctly, be sure to take a look at video 1, which will go over some vital tips to know and remember moving forward. Keep these tips in mind as you complete your diet and workout protocol to ensure you see optimal progress. The more you can prepare yourself for success, the better the chances will be that you come out on top of your goals with a brand new body at the end of this six week period.


The first workout of the week is going to be a full body boot camp cardio workout that will have you torching fat and working the arms and legs at the same time.  As this is the first week, remember to listen to your own body. If at any point you feel like you need to stop and rest, do so but pick right back up as soon again as possible.


Interval training is one of the most effective ways to burn up excess body fat around and this workout is going to do just that. You’ll alternate between periods of high intensity exercise with periods of active rest until the session is completed.


This total body workout is going to be one that will help add more muscle definition to your body, firming and toning all the main muscle groups. Be sure to pay close attention to the form of the trainers in the video and mimic the movement to avoid injury.


Pilates is a perfect way to strengthen the core muscles while lengthening all the other major muscle groups in the body.  Perform this workout, focusing on maintaining stabilized and fluid breathing patterns the entire time.


Ready for another round of interval training? This workout is here to challenge your body to the max and get you fast and effective fat burning results.  You’ll also get great calf strengthening benefits from this workout routine as well due to skipping nature.


Yoga is the perfect way to relax after a stressful week and get your weekend started off right.  Do this workout and you’ll feel the immediate stress-busting benefits taking place!


To round out the week, we have another full body cardio workout for you to do. This workout is intense, so make sure to follow your diet leading up to it so that you have sufficient energy to give 110%.

Congratulations on a week well done!  Now let’s move on and get you started on week two.


Week 2

Before getting started with the second week in our program, make sure that you check out the coaching video for quick tips on staying motivated.  We want you to maintain the same intensity going forward that you had at the beginning of this program, so use the techniques described in the video to help you along.  Maintaining constant tabs on your motivation level and doing whatever is necessary to boost it up when it starts to decline will help to ensure that you are constantly moving forward in the right direction.  Once your motivation hits a low point, it’s much harder to get it back up to speed than if you maintain tabs on it at all times.


We’ll begin your week with our ultra-effective full body core workout. Do this and you’ll practically see the abdominal definition taking shape.  Focus on keeping your tummy flexed the entire time for optimal benefits.


Today you’re going to be up for an intense cardio full body workout. Using every muscle group in the body during this session helps you burn an increased number of calories and see even more effective results.


Interval training is the workout style you’ll be doing today. Remember during these workouts to give 110% during each interval you complete as that is what makes this workout variety so successful. If you want to burn fat optimally after the workout is done, you really must crank up that intensity.


Get ready for a pilates workout that will lengthen those legs, firm your arms, and tighten your core in today’s fast paced, yet relaxing workout session.

Remember to keep your breathing fluid as you complete these workout for optimal results.


Round two of interval training is scheduled for today’s session. If you found the last workout challenging, you’ll love what we have in store today.

It’s the perfect way to release pent up stress from the week just completed.


This Saturday we have a special treat for you.  You’ll be performing a hatha yoga routine, which is going to be more focused on deep relaxation and strong mind-body recovery. This is a great way to recovery after your intense week of training.


To round out our second week, we have another boot camp cardio full body workout session in store. You’ll be trying new exercises that will further stimulate each muscle in the body and ensure you don’t hit a progress plateau.


Week 3

To help you prepare for the week ahead, check out this video that will share some tips on what you can expect from the next week of training. As the intensity is starting to heat up, it’s important that you are fully prepared to handle it and take the challenge on. Remember to keep tracking your food intake using the food journal we provided to you earlier as well. That’s important for success!


To start the week off, do this interval full body workout, which will boost both your muscular speed as well as your endurance.

It’s a can’t miss workout for those who want significant fitness enhancement.


The full body cardio workout we have for you today is one that will challenge you like no other workout has previously and make sure each and every muscle group gets involved. You’ll feel revitalized once you’re finished – make sure to give it 110%.


After doing two cardio focused workouts, we now need to turn our focus towards a core builder. This workout will firm your midsection and help reduce the risk of lower back pain.


Pilates focused abdominal exercises will challenge you like no other workout has in the past, making this a perfect fit for anyone that wants fast results.  Keep the muscles tight the entire session for best results!


In this interval style workout, you’ll train your body to tolerate fatigue so that you can work even harder in each and every week to come.  Don’t forget to breathe during those intervals!


The yoga routine you’ll be doing today will test both your muscular strength as well as your balance and agility, so will touch upon a number of elements of your fitness level. It’s a great way to kick-start your weekend.


To finish up this week, we have for you a full body cardio workout that will not only strengthen your muscles, but improve your heart health as well.


Week 4

Heading into the fourth week of this program and the halfway point, make sure to watch the coaching video, which discusses how to ensure sufficient and high quality sleep throughout the night. This will be critical to your success, so don’t out! Most people don’t realize just how important sleep is to your progress. Those who aren’t sleeping sufficiently enough at night are going to experience a slower metabolic rate, meaning a lower rate of total body fat loss, increased food cravings – especially for high carbohydrate foods (which makes sticking with your diet feel next to impossible), and they may also come to find that they just don’t have the energy they need to get the intense workouts we have scheduled in.

Sleeping well is integral, so be sure after watching the video you apply the tips.


Ready for a cardio interval workout? Today’s workout is a real challenger and will hit your entire body in a hurry.  This interval workout is going to help to boost your ability to generate muscular speed and power, which will transfer over nicely to any other activities that you may decide to include in your workout protocol at a later date.


You should already be seeing some dramatic improvements to the firmness and tone of your stomach muscles but this week’s core workout will further enhance that. You’ll be squeezing and contracting the abs, obliques, and core muscles at each and every second during this workout, streamlining your mid-section for the precise look you’re aiming to create.  Make sure that you really think of squeezing the abdominal muscles at each and every point during the workout session so that you can recruit maximum muscle fiber tension.


We’re doubling up on core workouts this week.  You’ll be performing another of our boot camp core full body workout sessions, this time doing a new set of exercises that will have you working hard at every point throughout the way.

Make sure that you give today’s workout your all so that you can see significant improvements to your core strength level at the end of this week.


In today’s session, you’ll be taking part in another pilates workout, which is designed to help you sustain good muscular endurance throughout a wide range of movement patterns.

Pilates is an exercise that many people will find helps not only improves their muscular strength, but enhances their mind-body connection similar to yoga, so is perfect for the woman looking to improve her all-around well-being.

Remember to keep your breathing regular at every step throughout this workout session.


Today’s workout is going to be an intense cardio boot camp session that will take you through fast paced exercise designed to torch calories so that you can melt that body fat that’s been troubling you. You’ll feel slightly tired after this workout as it is demanding, so schedule an easy night to relax after your hard week.


This weekend we’re going to switch things up. Rather than having you relax with a yoga session to get the weekend underway, you’ll be challenging the body with a full body strengthening and conditioning workout routine.

This workout is sure to add more muscle definition to your frame and will help you build total body strength.


Finishing off this week, we now will have you doing a 30 minute yoga workout routine. This is a perfect way to end an intense workout week by relaxing both the mind and body and preparing you for the week ahead.

Make sure to take some extra time this Sunday to also perform some light stretches as well to help reduce any muscular soreness that may be taking place from your workout protocol.


Week 5

Moving into the fifth week, we’re now past the halfway point and you should be feeling great about your progress so far. Hopefully you are feeling ready to tackle the final two weeks ahead so that you can give the final push to the finish line.

This fifth week you’ll notice that the workouts are more challenging and you may be more tempted to cheat on your diet as you have been following (or hopefully you have any way!) your diet for quite some time and usually it is at this point that many people will start to get food cravings setting in. Try your best to hold strong.  Come up with new ways of cooking your foods – adding spices, seasonings, and new vegetables to boost flavor and nutrition.

Also be sure to check out this week’s coaching video and incorporate a few of Valerie’s yoga routines into your protocol which will help you get some active rest in throughout the course of this week.


Ready to challenge your body in a new way? This week’s full body bootcamp program is one that you will be sure to enjoy as it’s fast paced, energetic, and is going to have you doing more interval training combined with strength based movements that will help to reshape your body and complete your body transformation.

This workout in particular is really going to work on those pesky trouble spots that you may be frustrated with such as your legs and arms – the places where women tend to store excess body fat the most.


The second workout of the week is going to walk you through more interval training. The great thing about doing all these interval training sessions we’ve had you completing throughout the course of this program is the fact that by doing them, you will supercharge your metabolic rate for hours after the workout is completed, basically turning your body into a fat fighting machine.

For anyone who wants to get lean and stay that way permanently, intervals are definitely going to help.  This workout will get your heart rate up and keep it there, despite the active rest periods involved because those intervals should be done at such a high intensity.


In this second interval workout of the week, you’ll be doing more skipping for your interval training in this 30 minute session that will improve your eye-hand coordination while enhancing your muscular endurance.

Remember to keep the abs tight as you go about your skipping exercises this week as well as during the high knees exercise variation, which will help ensure that you get that much closer to six pack ab status.


Ready for another pilates workout? This workout is going to challenge your muscles optimally as it lengthens the muscle fibers and enhances core muscle contraction with each movement that you make.

As you perform this workout session, make sure that you keep your chest fully opened at all times while thinking of pulling the shoulder blades back and together, which will ensure that you’re maintaining great posture the entire way through the workout session.

Don’t forget to breathe as you do this workout as well!


Moving into Friday’s session, we’ll have you doing a full total body workout that will help to boost your metabolic rate and increase muscle strength and power. Those who are looking to slim their lower body will especially enjoy this workout session which incorporates a number of lunges, high knees, squats jumping jacks, and other core movements that will really help you burn fat while enhancing muscle definition.

This workout is very dynamic and fast paced for the entire 30 seconds, so make sure you don’t skip the stretching at the end, which will go a long way towards reducing post-workout muscle soreness.


In this full body workout, you’ll be sculpting and toning all your muscles while getting your heart rate up and making sure that you sustain a high calorie burn all session long. The combination of strengthening movements, jumping movements, and core movements will help you see better muscle strength and definition than every before.

It is a higher rep workout, which jumpstarts a sluggish metabolism and will really help any of you who may be seeing slightly slower weight loss progress at this point.


To help wind down after that intense week of workouts, we have a 30 minute yoga workout for you to complete. Focus on really unwinding the mind during this workout, easing any feelings of stress or anxiety that you may be feeling, helping to put your body and mind in a calm and restful state. It’s important that you reach some point of inner calmness each week with your workout routine as doing so will help to lower your level of cortisol release in the body, which can encourage stomach fat accumulation to occur.  Distressing will help combat cortisol release, leaving you feeling your absolute best at all times.


Week 6

You’ve made it! The final week of your complete bootcamp program designed to help you make a full body transformation and feel great about the way you look. I hope you are feeling fully satisfied with the process so far and are very pumped about the results that you’ve already seen.

In this last and final week, I really want you to think about pushing your body to the very limit as hard as you can. It’ll be important that you keep that constant challenge on yourself at all times as this is what will best ensure that you are going to make the progress that you need. Since you’ve already complete the last five weeks of the challenge, you should have a great fitness base built underneath you, which you can now built upon going forward.  Remember that if you don’t keep challenging the body with new exercises however, you won’t make progress going forward. Therefore, be sure to push yourself to the limit each and every step of the way.

Be sure to watch the coaching video as well, which will help ensure that you stay on track for the week ahead.


During this first workout of the week, you’re going to be performing another bootcamp workout that will be fun, yet challenging at the same time.

This week, try and focus more on the actual muscle contractions taking place with each and every rep that you do.  By focusing in on this, you can help ensure that you are maintaining optimal tension on the muscle cells, bringing you to a new level of strength gains.

Many people often just ‘go through the movement’ and that is what you don’t want.  Think about the contraction and really feel the body working hard at every step along the way.


Next up we have your interval training session. This workout session is going to help to burn fat and give you a real cardiovascular challenge. With each interval you do, make sure that you push yourself to near complete fatigue so that you’re really needing that rest interval. Doing so will help you take your fitness level up a notch.

If at any point during this workout you feel light-headed or dizzy however, stop and rest until you feel comfortable to carry on.


Moving into the mid-week workout, you’ll be doing another boot camp session that’s going to work the core muscles especially, while also targeting all the main muscles in the body as well.

This unique workout session is designed to help you realize full body strength gains, while still making sure that your cardiovascular system gets a complete workout.

Rest assured you will feel challenged and energized once it’s completed.


Only three more days to go! You’re almost there so keep pushing hard.  Today we’re going to have a slightly more relaxing workout for you to take in – a pilates session that will lengthen the muscles while strengthening the core.

This will be a nice change of pace from the previous high intensity sessions and allow you to re-energize for the last few days ahead.


Before the weekend hits, you need something that is going to rev you up and get you set up for success. This interval training workout will leave you ready to tackle your busy weekend and make sure that you have energy to spare as you do so.

Remember to keep your breathing pattern regular throughout the session, which is going to help ensure that you are avoiding feeling light-headed or dizzy at any point in time.


It’s the last interval workout of your 6 week program! For this session, focus on giving that maximum effort once again, while keeping the glute muscles squeezed whenever you’re in the standing position. Many people neglect to do this and it can cause their lower back to sway, which then puts them at a high risk for suffering from lower back pain development.

Squeeze the glutes and you’ll naturally correct your alignment, allowing you to see maximum strengthening success.


To finish off your workout week and the program itself, we’ll let you de-stress with a session of yoga. This yoga session is going to calm the mind and body and is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a very good effort throughout the program.

If you don’t have time for the full 30 minute yoga session, keep in mind you can also do the active rest yoga workout as well, which is a shorter variation that will allow you to get the session in and get on with your day.

After doing the session, reflect back on all the workouts you’ve done, your effort level, and your progress. Take stock of how hard you worked and what changes, if any, you might make if you should choose to do the 6 week program again.

Regardless of the results you’ve seen, you’ve made it this far and that is a job well done.



You’ve Made It!

You’ve now finished the 6 week program. Hopefully you are feeling very proud of your efforts and are excited about the progress that you’ve made.

Just remember, this was not a 6 week program that you’d finish and then go back to your old ways. If you do that, you’ll be stuck in a rut once again and in need of another round of this 6 week program.

Instead of falling off the bandwagon, carry on.  Continue with this new lifestyle that you’ve been living, tracking your food daily and getting in some form of workout daily – adding at least a few intense sessions throughout the week.

If you can do this, you can rest assured that all the weight you’ve seen come off your body will now stay off for good and you will be well on your way to mastering body weight success.

There will likely be a slip-up from time to time, but remember, the slip-up isn’t what matters most. It’s how fast you get right back onto the workout program.

So keep going and stay committed to your new healthy lifestyle.

I’d also recommend that you have a look at the numerous of healthy recipes provided by Jo to help make your diet that much more interesting and easy to stick with.

You may also want to check out and utilize the MyFitnessPal Mobile Applications, which will help you track your daily food intake with ease.

Also be sure to assess your BMI with a Body Mass Index Caclulator and use a calorie calculator to approximate how many calories you’ve burned with each workout you do daily.

The more helpful tools and resources you have on your side, the greater your chances of success will be.